Rent, Lease or Buy
We have Rental, Purchase and Lease Programs for every budget, you choose which plan is best for you. You can rent for a low monthly fee that includes all essential service and maintenance, lease with an option to own the equipment or purchase out right at a very competitive price.

We offer free water testing and a complete analysis of your water. With this information we can recommend the best solution to meet your needs.

Water Softeners Save You Money and Costly Repairs

Washing Clothes
• Soft water for cleaner clothes
• Softer, whiter, brighter colors
• Use much less detergent and save money
• Eliminate hard water related service issues with clothes washer and other appliances

Washing Dishes
• Reduce calcium buildup, dishwasher stays clean
• Less spotting of dishes, pots, pans, silverware – no need for wetting agents
• Use less detergent, saving you money
• Eliminate hard water related service issues with the dishwasher

Reduced Energy Costs
• Helps reduce scale build-up in water heaters which reduces efficiency and shortens life
• Increases water heaters efficiency by as much as 29% for gas or 22% for electric

Reduced Mineral Build-up In Pipes
• Can improve plumbing performance and eliminate expensive repairs and replacement

Reduced Soap Build-up
• Less soap residue on tub, shower, toilets and sinks
• Easier cleaning and a softer feeling skin and hair