Autotrol Digital Series Timers
The correct time will continually appear in the time display during normal conditioning operation. To change the hour display, press the TIME SET BUTTON until the present hour appears. The PM light will be on when the time is between 12:00 noon and midnight. The light is off during the AM hours.

Low Voltage Transformer. Use only the included transformer for powering the 400 series timers. Connect the plug of the transformer secondary cable to the mating socket on the control. Be certain that the transformer is plugged into a correct voltage source that is not controlled by a wall switch. Some models will have a 9v battery to maintain settings if house power is interrupted. Replace this battery once each year to insure proper time after a power loss. The battery compartment is located on the rear of the timer housing.

Note: When proper time of day is set the conditioner will regenerate at about 2:30 AM If you want a regeneration cycle at, for example, 4:30 AM just set the clock two hours earlier than the actual time of day.

Autotrol Manual Timers
To reset timer : pull out timer gear & set pointer to correct time of day. As long as that is set correctly the softener will regenerate at 2 AM on the indicated days of 1 to 6. This is set based on household size and water hardness.