New Customers

The first thing we ask is for you to complete a credit application. Once that is received and we obtain the credit report, we then determine how your account will be set up. With good credit you have the option of being on auto-fill, or will call status. You will also have 30 days to pay from the date of delivery.

If your credit should not be favorable, you will be set up on a COD basis. This means that you must pay for the propane before delivery will be made. You will be responsible for monitoring your tank and calling in to place your order before your tank is below 30%.

First Fills

A common question we sometimes get is “Does Buckeye Propane offer discounts or lower prices for first time fills?”

Our business philosophy is to not ask our existing loyal customers to pay for our new ones. We think this practice of offering low cost first fills is no more than a gimmick that sets the stage for someone to be taken advantage of at a later time.
I would not jeopardize my loyalty to existing customers with a practice of selected discounts to new customers only.

Thank you in advance for your business,

Daniel L. Preston


Click here for Credit Application